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We actually made it out!! Thanks to Ariel, of course, she was so helpful. Definitely recommend the Star Wars themed room to fans! We had a great time.

Feb 24, 2024
Brie Wadsworth

Awesome escape room. Love the Star Wars theme. Never would’ve made it out without some hints from our rebel Ariel. I highly recommend this escape room for ...Read more

Feb 24, 2024
DJ Gates

Staff was very nice and helpful. We were frustrated that one of the button lights was broken, causing us to have more difficulty solving one of the ...Read more

Jan 29, 2024
Lisa F

Lots of fun. Well designed, cool environment. Family friendly; nephew enjoyed it, but also fun for me as a 38-year old child. May the force be with you, Joe!

Oct 10, 2023
Aidan Perrizo

Solid traditional escape room with good theming. We had fun and will go back to do the other room.

Sep 1, 2023
R Weisenberg

Best escape room I’ve ever done! I took my kids and their cousins ages 6-12 to this room. First, you do not need to solve the puzzles in order so it ...Read more

Jul 18, 2023
alison wilcock

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